The Oasis At Indio Is Taking Center Stage To Support A Growing Population

The Oasis at Indio is a proposed mixed-use project that would sit on approximately 183 acres of undeveloped land in North Indio. The Oasis at Indio is located along the I-10 Freeway west of the Monroe Street exit and will offer medium to high-density multi-family residential units, commercial retail spaces, and light industrial uses.

The Oasis at Indio Specific Plan has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of urban living in one of Coachella Valley’s fastest-growing and most livable, desirable cities. Follow along as we embark on this journey to help shape the future of North Indio – a place where innovation, commerce, and community create an oasis of opportunity and the spotlight shines brightest on you.

📍Location: Bounded by Avenue 42 to the north, Monroe Street to the east, the Thousand Palms Storm Channel to the west, and the I-10 Freeway to the south.

👥 Mixed Use: 75.5 acres of land designated for mixed uses, allowing up to 3,240 multi-family residential units and 20,000 square feet of commercial uses (or an equivalent level of intensity), as well as approximately 1,806,000 square feet of light industrial use.

Residential Perspective Neighborhood D

The Oasis at Indio integrates a mix of employment-generating and residential land uses configured to provide a sustainable design with enhanced landscape transition zones and parkways. The project would help implement an Avenue 42 corridor, as planned for in the City of Indio General Plan. The project would establish a pattern of connected uses, ensuring the result is a connected, complete community with housing and commercial uses organized into walkable neighborhoods close to public transit centers to leverage the economic and fiscal value of that area for future generations of Indio residents.

The Oasis at Indio team is committed to transparency and open communication throughout the approval and development process. Individuals interested in receiving information can sign up to receive project updates below. For more information or inquiries about the community, contact

Project Benefits


Helping the City of Indio meet its housing needs by adding up to 3,240 new residential units into the market.


Creating approximately 1,300 new opportunities for employment in retail, commercial, and light industrial uses and up to 2,100 construction jobs annually until project build-out.


Building a 2.4-acre IID substation to enhance electrical reliability to area residents and businesses.

Shop, Dine, Live

Contribute to establishing an Avenue 42 corridor, with livable communities and additional shopping/dining/living options for City residents.


The Oasis at Indio Specific Plan plans for a wide range of housing types (from studio apartments to three-bedroom townhomes) and amenities within walkable neighborhoods to encourage healthy living and social gatherings while reducing vehicle miles traveled. Housing may cater to the needs of the housing market through rental options and/or properties available for sale.

The project will be landscaped with a desert-scape theme using native plants and supplemental ornamental accent landscaping that emphasizes water conservation and low maintenance. Integrated design will include the use of large specimen shade trees in response to the hot environment. The project includes pedestrian-oriented streetscapes with pedestrian-friendly dimensions, a separate decomposed granite trail, desert canopy trees, and screen walls to separate pedestrians from commercial land uses where applicable.

Anticipated Timeline

Aerial Renderings

The renderings and site plan represent potential designs and are subject to change.

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About The Team

BH Properties is a family-owned, privately held, California-based real estate company focused on a diverse portfolio of unique and community-centric real estate projects. Founded over 30 years ago, BH Properties owns and manages nearly 10 million square feet across 16 states.

BH Properties is committed to creating a project that helps meet Indio’s housing and commercial needs, but also benefits the community by attracting new businesses, creating job opportunities, generating additional revenue, contributing to community development, and reinforcing Indio as an attractive destination for growth.

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Project Site Plan

This site plan represents a potential design and is subject to change.

Project Site Plan


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